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Meditation of the Week: Introspection

Introspection: What does it mean to be self reflective and meditative? What is your inner compass?

The Pineal gland, is located deep in the center of the brain right above the third ventricle. These are the gaps in your brain filled with cerebro spinal fluid. The pineal gland secretes its hormone, melatonin into the cerebro spinal fluid and it is carried to the rest of the body.

Melatonin is sometimes called the Hormone of Darkness! The ebbs and flow of this hormone regulate different kinds of bio rhythms - from that of the day and night (what makes you sleep, what makes you wake up ) to that of seasonal changes (winter to spring to summer). In many animals aside from just the biorhythms, melatonin is also considered to help with migration, and the homing signal to come back during different seasons.

Think of the pineal gland situated in the center of your forehead, as the stand in for the Ajna Chakra or the 6th Chakra, which incidentally also represents intuition and foresight. This week when you meditate, think of how your body and brain control your biorhythms and reflect on the pinela gland that can serve as an inner compass.

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