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Meditation of the Week: How do we balance our body?

Balancing is something we take for granted. We stand, walk around, run, bend over and catch objects - all of this happens seamlessly.

But think back to your childhood, or watch little children - their movements are not completely coordinated, they fall, they learn.

One of the main structures in the brain used for balance is the cerebellum. It receives information from the inner ear (about how your head is tilted), from parts of the body about posture and position of limbs, as well as from the cortex on what movement you need to execute. The cerebellum integrates it and makes sure that this is coordinated well. And if not, it learns!

This weeks card is inspired by the Justice card of the tarot deck - its all about cause and effect, balance and equilibrium. So the next time you walk a tightrope, or just stand, think about your cerebellum.

Check out the full video below!

We are organizing a meditation with Victoria Vesna and the Noise Aquarium for the current COVID crisis in India - be sure to join us on June 2nd

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