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Meditation of the Week: Patience

Patience. Time. Calmness.

The Temperance card of the Tarot deck is about moderation and that things will happen in due course.

Our bodies have natural rhythms that give into seasonal rhythms, that flow with time. Like the swinging pendulum moving back and forth, there are neurons that oscillate and release chemicals that increase and decrease in levels. This helps you with the day-light cycle, and clocks in each organ. The suprachiasmatic nucleus in the brain is situated right above the optic chiasm - where the optic nerves cross from the back of the eye. This area of the brain controls your circadian cycles, when you wake and sleep and is the master clock of the body. There are over 20000 neuronal oscillators in the Suprachiasmatic nucleus. As things move up, they will eventually come down. It is another way in which our brain and body maintains a sense of equilibrium, constancy over time even if things get perturbed in between.

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