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Diving deep within,

with curiosity and joy

Hello Curious Ones!


Do you always wonder, “Now, how did I just manage to do that?” or are amazed by how thoughts become words become actions, or are fascinated watching babies learn and grow – and think, “I wish I knew more about that”



Maybe sometimes you know what people will say before they do.


Sometimes you see a flock of birds spinning around, coordinated, almost joyful. Or notice your dog or cat watching you with great intent.


Makes you go, “Hmm.., what’s going on in their heads?”


Sometimes you catch yourself sputtering things out that you never knew you knew! (I do this all the time, especially in the shower). When the unconscious somehow becomes the conscious.


How? What? These frigging brains of ours!


Here at Brain Mystic, we want to explore the joys and wonders of neuroscience – yours, mine, and of all creatures great and small. We will pry open the hidden depths with fun and curiosity. We will use both intuition and inquiry.


Join us on this journey!


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Bits of Me

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD

Neuroscientist, Artist, Educator

As a neuroscientist I constantly encounter amazing brains every day. I watch them grow in transparent fish, or get to hear them sputter when snails feed, or poke them to see neurons in action.

I want to yell and shout -"What beauty! How inspiring! Mother Nature has excelled again"

My science has led me to Chicago, then UCLA, Columbia University and Puget Sound.

And along the way I met artists who inspired me to create more. I think Science is seductive, and there is so much more we don't know.

There is so much wonder in the worlds within all of us, that I want to share with everyone.

I wish to share this joy of discovery with you, and embark on an adventure.

So excited!

Thanks for visiting and learning about NeuroTarot

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