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Meditation: How do neurons work?

You are an electromagnetic entity. Neurons in your body and brain are charged up, waiting for commands to act.

Think of yourself as a fully wound up spring or a coiled serpent waiting to spring into action!

Neurons on getting the Go! signal, send a tsunami wave of charged particles down the length of their axon, sending signals to other neurons or parts of your body.

This is what makes you move, think and live!

And like a Tsunami wave, once it starts, it cannot be stopped. Think of all the agency that you have, all the power and the force you are this week.

Inspired by the Magician card of the Tarot, think like your neuron and act with purpose!

Check out the full video below!

Thanks to those who joined us for the Noise Aquarium with Prof. Vesna on June 2nd. It was a very beautiful meditative session. You can watch the session here

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The New Age Neuroscience Course is now available! Learn in depth how we use our Mind's eye, become more intuitive and the predictive power of the brain.

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