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Meditation of the Week: Control

What makes you exert control?

The brain takes in all kinds of information and channels it and streamlines it. It is like a raging river that is channelized - The frontal lobe of the brain is one of the main centers that makes sure that you respond appropriately to different external scenarios and internal states.

This week when you are in control of a situation - it could be simple (say when you are making a super dinner, or able to throw a ball to perfection or help with someone's homework), think about all the circuits in the front of your brain. Say thanks to your frontal lobe that is making sure that you are not all over the place.

Inspired by the Emperor card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.

Comment below or post on Instagram/Twitter @Siddbits #neurotarot about what inspired control in your life this week

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