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Meditation of the Week: Possibilities

Possibilities - What are the fates that determine how you look, when you develop and what parts of your body does what

In some ways we are playing the game of chance and the Hox Genes are the ones that control us!

When you are initially an embryo, a bag of cells you are unpatterened. There are a set of genes called the Hox genes that help define what part of the embryo develops into what structure - what becomes the head, what becomes the tail, if you will have hands or wings!

But wait! They do more than that! They also pattern your brain!

The Hox genes help divide the brain into regions. What becomes the forebrain, what becomes the mid brain etc. That then shapes what the neurons in these areas look like and what they will do.

They achieve this by controlling the chemicals that diffuse across the brain, what the concentration of these are. Think of yourself soaking in a bathtub and someone puts some blue dye in one end and red dye in the other... Your feet may be dark blue, head red, and the middle purple. This is how the Hox genes define regions.

This week meditate on the different possibilities that gave rise to you as a being. So many steps need to go just right to shape you the way you are - someone so special.

Meditate on that beauty!

A shout out to the Hox Zodiac Project with Victoria Vesna.

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Comment below or post on Instagram/Twitter @Siddbits #neurotarot about what inspired control in your life this week

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